Philanthropy and Globalization: Save the Children

International non-governmental organizations illustrate especially significant influence upon the philanthropic efforts of international aid. A long-standing exhibit of such influence is the Save the Children. The Save the Children Fund, more commonly known as simply Save the Children, recently celebrated its centennial anniversary. The organization was established in 1919 by ...


Connecting Local and Global: Oxfam Hong Kong’s Strategy in Mainland China

Authors: Zhu Zhaonan; Liu Jiajun; Ye Li Introduction Oxfam is an international confederation of 19 affiliates, with an aim to work together for greater impact on the international stage to reduce poverty and injustice. The name ’Oxfam’ is derived from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief founded in Britain in ...


WAGGGS: Uniting and Empowering Girls Across the Globe

The Origin Story The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) began in 1909 when a group of girls declared at a boy scout rally that they were now girl scouts. The little community persisted with troops being founded in places like Australia, Finland and South Africa. By ...