Ethics Case Analysis: Minority Healthcare Council

This essay will be analyzing an ethics case concerning a healthcare forum and its relations with a member of the local City Council. For anonymizing purposes, this nonprofit will be referred to as Minority Healthcare Council.


Ethical Analysis of Medical Service Trips

Nonprofit and other philanthropic organizations face a lot of ethical dilemmas, are often held to a higher ethical standard, and are prone to more criticism on ethics than their for-profit counterparts. There are numerous ethical questions that are associated with non-profits, foundations, and other philanthropic organizations. All of which make ...


Empathy and Ethics

Robert Epstein The University of Texas at Austin Tania Singer is one of the world’s most important empathy researchers, but her lack of empathy for her staff is endangering her career (Kupferschmidt, 2018a). Singer has apologized for mistreating her colleagues at the Max Planck institute.  Her lack of personal empathy, ...


Conflict of Interest

A Dilemma  Ethics is a difficult word to define and an even harder concept to judge. There are many frameworks for determining whether something is ethically or morally sound and no one can agree with all of them in their entirety. Ethics becomes something elusive, especially in the world of ...