The National Wildflower Research Center

Ladybird Johnson and her wildflowers Ladybird Johnson is one of the iconic champions of environmental protection and beautification. During her husband Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidential campaign, she played a significant role in passing legislation to beautify highways, and Washington DC (Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center Staff 2007). Her most famous contribution ...


Historical Analysis of the Hogg Foundation of Mental Health

by Jessi Duran and Illeana Moore The love the Hogg family maintained for the state of Texas cannot be understated. From patriarch James Stephen Hogg, who served as governor of Texas from 1890 to 1895, to his children Will, Mike, and Ima. Their love for Texas and transitively its people ...

George W. Brackenridge

George W. Brackenridge: Pioneering Scientific Philanthropy in Texas

George Brackenridge helped to usher Texas into the age of philanthropy. His approach to scientific philanthropy was influenced by his Texas context. Brackenridge gained his wealth in Texas during the civil war and post-civil war reconstruction era and did most of his giving during the progressive era. His approach to ...


A Case of Philanthropy in Texas: Martha P. Cotera

Martha P. Cotera is a feminist activist and historian known for her work in representing and archiving Chicanx culture in Texas and surrounding areas. This essay will be analyzing her philanthropic work before 2000, including her work in important civil rights movements and her leadership within the Chicana Research and ...